Resource Management

Resource Management – Serving: Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming

Investing fiscal, capital and human resources is particularly sensitive when dealing with resource management and environmental issues.  Peaks to Plains Design PC helps clients navigate their way through the process to become careful stewards of the land.  We understand that not every solution is a design solution, often maintenance and general management of resources is overlooked when taking on the landscapes of the upper great plains and mountains.  Whether you are dealing with forestry, wetlands or reclamation, our team of landscape architects and civil engineers can provide you with the tools and expertise for good resource management.

 Typical services provided:
  • Cultural resources
  • Historic preservation
  • Mapping and inventory
  • Property owner outreach
  • Reclamation plans
  • Vegetation management plans
  • Visual resource management
  • Wetland delineation and mitigation
 Notable projects include:
  • Frannie, Wyoming – Wetland Determination – Teamed with a professional wetland scientist to conduct a site visit. Future work on this project includes GIS mapping, reporting, and the development of the necessary removal-fill permits and other environmental permits. The 175-acre site, a location for future mining operations, required a wetland delineation and jurisdictional determination due to a waterway crossing through the site’s center.
  • Billings, Montana – Alkali Creek Storm Drain Outfall Wetland Delineation – The overall purpose of the project is to convey storm water from the Billings-Logan International Airport through a pipe to the nearby Alkali Creek. The project included consultation, research, field observation, and submission of a report of findings and proceedings.
  • Rosebud Battlefield State Park Management Plan – An award-winning, comprehensive plans for a Southeastern Montana State Park that hosted the lesser known battle before the Battle of Little Big Horn near Decker, Montana.
  • Russian-olive Removal and Mitigation Plan – An award-winning inventory, removal and mitigation strategy to remove the invasive Russian-olive trees from the Milk River and its tributaries in Hill County, Montana
  • River Park Vegetation Management Plan – Analysis and recommendations for maintenance of native grasses, noxious weeks, turf and a riparian forest in an urban park located along the edge of the Bitterroot River in Hamilton, Montana.

Recent Projects