Design Considerations

Bozeman Gateway Bridge

Design Evolution

Bringing projects from dreams to reality through design.  We have many successful projects that started out only as a vision by one or more individuals.  We work with you to illustrate that vision on paper, discuss funding strategies, coordinate with agencies, work out the details in design and even have an honest talk about the fiscal, human and material resources necessary to maintain that project in perpetuity.  Many of our master plans are implemented, a testament to the dedication, collaboration and enthusiasm generated from our process!

Environmental Respect


The landscape architecture profession has been “Green since 1899,” whose principles have been on the basis of realistic, viable ecological solutions.   By promoting quality stewardship of the land, people can sensibly utilize all the resources that nature provides.  We recognize that outdoor spaces are vibrant, dynamic environments that provide multiple means and methods to accomplish everyone’s goals.

People Places

Providing opportunities for people of all ages to interact socially and physically in their community and environment.  Well-designed spaces contribute to a positive quality of life, and provide the occasion for people to interact actively or passively in their environments.  Outdoor environments can be learning spaces or they are just the place setting for long-lasting memories.

Stronger CommunitiesLegion Park

Populations who positively interact with each other in outdoor spaces enjoy a high level of personal satisfaction.  Getting active in the outdoors is a positive solution to treating obesity and other health ailments.  Students who can safely get to schools by walking or biking have been documented to succeed in learning.  Retail establishments who invest in curb appeal attract more customers, leading to a healthy business economy.  Peaks to Plains Design works with clients who share these values.  Whether your space is on a micro or macro scale, or you are in need of formulating a vision, a design or a fresh look at managing your resources, consider Peaks to Plains Design for your next project.