Ponderosa School

Walking Loops as an Alternative to Linear Parks

Regional, community and neighborhood parks are common classifications found in most municipal park systems. Other classes include special use, natural resource and linear parks. To determine what class of parks citizens are seeking, community surveys are often a park planner’s tool. In our experience, the survey results often indicate that people desire more linear parks.[…]

Parking Lot

Extending Pavement Lifespan

While maintaining your property, is it easy to focus on the building and landscaping elements and forgo one of your largest assets; your parking lot. By viewing your parking lot as an asset and providing periodic and preventative maintenance, you can increase both the longevity and aesthetic curb appeal of your property. Additionally, a maintenance[…]


Designing defensible spaces to protect from wildfires

Statistics show that, on average, around 100,000 wildfires happen every year in the U.S. and those wildfires can travel at speeds up to 14 mph – damaging everything in their path – according to National Geographic. Just last year in Montana, we experienced 2,026 wildfires, according to the National Interagency Fire Center, which means that[…]