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Since 2003, Peaks to Plains Design has served private and public clients with collaborative approaches to design and planning. Projects are approached with a holistic perspective that includes engineering, economics, marketing, strategic planning, design and construction that result in the inspiration for social entrepreneurs to carry out any vision into a reality. We are enhancing the quality of life for all.

  • 15 years in business
  • 70% Repeat Clients
  • 42% Government Clients

We encourage the public to get out and walk, bicycle, and enjoy surrounding parks. We are committed to providing safe open spaces for the community to enjoy a healthy active lifestyle.


Jolene Rieck, PLA
Jolene Rieck, PLA
Principal Landscape Architect
Jolene Rieck has been practicing landscape architecture for over 18 years, 15 of which as the principal landscape architect at Peaks to Plains Design. With strong communication and organizational skills, Jolene is recognized as a leader in her profession. Her successful career continues to be dedicated to improving the quality of life through planning and design.
James W. Papez, PE
James W. Papez, PE
Professional Civil Engineer
James “JW” Papez leads the civil engineering services for Peaks to Plains Design. His collaborative engineering approach results in more innovative solutions that save clients time and money. JW holds licenses in seven states and practices many of the broad aspects of civil engineering using the latest technology and applications.
Gordon Lemmel, PLA
Gordon Lemmel, PLA
Licensed Landscape Architect
Gordon Lemmel engages landscape architecture by exploring the interactions between people and the surrounding natural and built environments. Known as the firm’s “go-to-guy” he is known for his ability to fuse creativity and functionality. His strong communication, design and technical skills make for an easy design process that is highly successful.
Kalsey Stults
Kalsey Stults
Marketing Assistant
Kalsey Stults leads the marketing and public relations efforts at Peaks to Plains Design. Her skills include graphic and media design, writing, copy editing, communication, media relations and branding. Her ability to communicate and execute marketing strategies is an asset to not only the company but to the firm’s clients.

We believe great outdoor spaces are a culmination of vision, determination, holistic analysis, partnership and creativity.

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